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What You Need to Know about the Whizzinator


This is advice that is made especially for women who have to take a urine test. It is considered to be one of the best methods to deliver clean urine for medical tests.


 It helps a lot when a person is forced to use a Whizzinator while the medical practitioner is watching. They can use devices like the whizzinator or, for women, the First Aid kit and avoid being viewed. The Whizzinator comes with a fake male genital and also the waistband which is used to hold it and keep it in place all the times. It also comes with synthetic urine which is in powder form, and therefore they can carry it around and then mix it when they feel like they will need to use it. The kit has some heating pads which helps the urine stay at body temperature, and this helps it to look as natural as it can.


Its designed to deceive anybody who is watching you give your piss test and since they don't come close to you there is no any problem ensuring your real organ is safe, and nobody can see it. The piss given to the doctor looks real and therefore at the end of the day you feel comfortable with what the outcome will be.


You strap the Whizzinator around the body and let it fall near the real organ, and when you have the heat pad, you keep it close to keep the urine warm. This means that whatever test that needs to be done will surely come to  positive conclusion on your side and thus you have control.


As long as you follow the instruction, you are sure to get the results that will favor you and not stop you from some plans that you had at the moment or later. Every person who is using the Whizzinator has some reasons why they are using it. It may be a way of playing pranks on friends or maybe you party together or do things together. Purchase Whizzinator for sale here!