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What You Should Know About Female Whizzinators


These are refillable synthetic urine pouches which can be purchased by women. There are also male versions in the market, but female ones have also been designed. It's easy to use and can't be replicated. For many women nowadays, these bags have gained popularity and this article will give a review of such whizzinator kits for women. These whizzinator kits include toxin free  synthetic urine, temperature strips, two heat pads, a filling syringe, as well as elastic belts.


Whizzinators come with instructions for use and so, there is no stress in preparing for your test. There is also a call care support number and video for using the whizzinator kits. Such support ensures they walk with you to the end of the process. The kit has a band that is elastic that is tied or wrapped around your waist. When refilling the synthetic urine bags, the syringe in the kit eases everything. The synthetic urine may last from six to seven hours warm aided by heating pads made from organic materials.


The Whizzinator kit works in that when you want to give samples of urine for testing, it will be devoid of toxic wastes. You can check the twmperature of the pee by using the included temperature strips. Don't get rid of the cap for refill the pouch since the urine can be exposed to air. This can allow bacteria to build up in the synthetic urine pouch which isn't advisable.


It's imperative to clean the kits using sodium peroxide and water that is warm. This is vital in eliminating any bacteria to ensure its risk free. For the users, it's pivotal to note that this equipment has statutory rules that govern its use and so, it should not be used for illegal purposes. For those that try to make their own whizzinator kits, it's highly discouraged as you can miss a step and cause yourself great dispare.