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What You Did Not Know About The Whizzinator


What is a Whizzinator? Well, most of you will not be familiar with the term but let me break it down for you. It is an artificial male genital. You strap it on, and then you can take a fake piss. This is what you will give your doctor for urine samples. Many may wonder if it really exists and the answer is yes. They are available in the market and are there for the taking. Furthermore, they are a reliable method for taking urine tests when the doctor insists that he has to see you take the piss. Maybe it is for that drug test. And so it comes in handy to fool the docs. Keep reading to know more about the Whizzinator.


To begin with, the kit comes with a set of extras; they will include the fake genital and straps. The straps hold the product straight. You will also see that the kit comes with a packet of synthetic urine that is in powder form. This way you can carry it with you during the day for the test. It is medical grade synthetic urine that is hard to detect its fake. This could come in handy to get you off the hook.


On the flipside, you will never know when that test is coming, and therefore it is crucial to stay prepared. Also, the test is random and can be more than one. And for this case, you can have extra packets of the synthetic urine to carry around in the office. This will save you when you least expected it. Stay prepared!


You may also wonder how it functions. Well, this is the best part. The Whizzinator will have a pouch underneath it. This will have the synthetic urine. And when you go for the test, all you will have to do is to give the tip of the fake penis a gentle touch. It will pour out its contents, and the doctor will imagine that you are taking a normal piss. This way everybody goes home happy.


Finally, you may also ask if the product has other uses. The answer is yes. Well, the product is made for use with the synthetic urine; however, the product is also used for pranks. This way you will take a piss, and your friends will be fooled thinking that you are taking a pass in front of them. It is also used in the Halloween parties. So, choose your purpose.